MOOCH is a Los Angeles, California based company that began out of pure necessity.  After dropping and cracking one too many smart phones while juggling a phone and purse while running around L.A., the founder of MOOCH had a light bulb moment... Her phone case and her bag should be one and the same!

Mall kiosk cases somewhat protect our precious devices, but when faced with the issue of how to carry them in a constructive, yet stylish, manner, there wasn't a clear solution.  

MOOCH is a functional, practical extension of your own unique style.  MOOCH consolidates your clutter into an all-in-one purse|wallet|phone carry system. The high-grade PVC malleable plastic allows the user to utilize most, if not all, touch functions on their respective smart mobile devices without needing to remover your phone from the case.  

Simple.  Tasteful.  Fashionable.  Practical.


Slings and Leashes for your MOOCH are completely interchangeable, so wardrobe "accessorization" is seamless and easy. Proudly designed and hand crafted here in California with the highest caliber of selected materials and craftsmanship, MOOCH delivers what others simply cannot... fashionable quality and convenience.

Keep an eye out for our MOOCH tablet cases coming soon!



Mooch is a line of couture, limited edition, phone carriers.

Wear them over your shoulder, hanging from your wrist, attached to your belt loop, around your neck... however you want.

Regardless of how you decide to wear your MOOCH, you know you'll be fashionable.

Don't forget, the PVC window is touch sensitive so you can text & navigate freely!