The Yin - Purse Only

The Yin is the sister/brother to the Yang MOOCH.  The color black represents the Yin in the "Yin & Yang" symbol. The look is sophisticated, androgynous, and soothing.  It is made of soft black leather with a pocket, soft grey satin lining, magnetic enclosure, & PVC window.

Dimensions: 6"x3 3/8" (Window 4 ½"x2 ¼")

Weight: 1.7 oz.

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Mooch is a line of couture, limited edition, phone carriers.

Wear them over your shoulder, hanging from your wrist, attached to your belt loop, around your neck... however you want.

Regardless of how you decide to wear your MOOCH, you know you'll be fashionable.

Don't forget, the PVC window is touch sensitive so you can text & navigate freely!